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Lawley Shoff Darby

All About Us

Who We Are

The personnel history of our organization is outstanding. 90% of our staff members are licensed insurance agents. Structured continuing education classes are ongoing. Lawley Shoff Darby's expertise is evident as the corporate officers total over 194 years of experience in the insurance industry. The stability of our agency stands alone and provides consistency throughout the agency since five of our officers have been with the firm from fifteen to over twenty-five years.

As of October 1st, 2023, Shoff Darby Insurance Agency has partnered with Lawley Insurance and will operate as Lawley Shoff Darby. More information can be found on our blog or by visiting this page.

Our Services

Founded in 1887, the Shoff Darby Insurance Agency has assisted their clients with personal insurancebusiness insurance, and specialized in construction, transportation, and captive insurance

Partnering Opportunities

Lawley Shoff Darby has grown throughout our history by attracting agents who have decided it may be time to sell their book of business, and producers who have moved their book of unencumbered business over to us. In doing so, each has discovered they have formed a long-term relationship along with the ability to greatly expand their volume by utilizing numerous markets.

Agency partnering is perhaps the most exciting concept we have utilized to date. The partnering agencies retain individual ownership while blending their multiple books of business to achieve maximum effects of volume and staffing. Each partnering arrangement we have established has been different and reflects the special needs and concerns of the agencies involved.

We welcome the opportunity to personally meet with both agencies and producers.