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Show & Event Insurance

Entertainment Insurance

We are able to provide all aspects of insurance for consumer and trade shows. Competitive rates and coverage to meet your needs is our specialty. We can accommodate a one time special event to a large trade show, up to a show manager with a year's worth of events. No show is too big or too small.

General Liability Insurance

Provides coverage for bodily injury and/or property damage that may happen to others for which you may be liable. This is the coverage that protects the show manager in the event something happens to a consumer attending your show. You must have General Liability Insurance in order to comply with your facility contracts.

We have many insurance programs available to meet your needs. The best program for you varies depending on the type of event, size, how many events you have and your claims history. We do have a simple one time event program below; however, please note that we may be able to provide you with more competitive pricing if you give us the opportunity to review your individual information.

Self quote link from USLI

The below links allow you to generate automated quotes for your special event or wedding. Please follow and complete the link to get your quote!

Insurance Application for One Time Special Event

Event Cancellation

Shows and Events Cancellation and Interruption Insurance provides coverage for total cancellation, partial cancellation or lack of attendance due to a covered peril. Cancellation Insurance provides you with coverage which enables you to keep your business going when an unexpected occurrence affects your event.

Insurance is provided for your total gross revenue which protects the gate receipts as well as your booth fees and sponsorship revenue. Even first time events can be covered for costs and expenses.

You must submit an application for a quotation. Pricing varies by the location of your event, type of event, time of year, gross revenue and prior loss history.

Application for Event Cancellation Insurance

Office & Crime Insurance

Office Insurance provides Property and General Liability coverage for your office and daily operations at that location. Property Insurance can cover your office furniture, equipment, computers and software. General Liability provides coverage for your office premises. Whether your office is in your home, rented space or an owned building, having the correct property and liability coverages is a necessity.

Crime Insurance provides coverage for your gate receipts and/or business money in the event of theft and/or employee dishonesty. The extent of Crime Insurance, as well as the funds covered and the perils insured against, are determined by the needs of your business.

Each situation requires customized planning to meet your individual insurance needs. Please complete an initial application and we will contact you to discuss your insurance requirements.

Application for Office and Crime Insurance

Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation Insurance covers bodily injury to an employee when the injury occurs during his/her course of employment/working hours. Coverage is provided for the medical bills as well as lost time. If you have employees, it is a requirement for you to carry workers' compensation coverage. Terms and conditions can vary slightly by state.

Application for Workers Comp Insurance

Events Planners Insurance

People who plan events for others need Liability coverage to cover bodily injury or property damage that they may be liable for. They also need coverage for their office, including computers. Whether you are a wedding planner or corporate event planner, we can provide a competitive package.

Application for Event Planner Insurance